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Gas Water Heater Installation Sugar Land TX

if you need a new gas water heater (40-gallon or 50-gallon), a gas supply line, water supply lines, fittings, pipe wrenches, a tubing cutter, a gas shut off valve, Teflon tape or pipe thread compound and flexible gas connector

Turn off the gas and water supply: Locate the main gas valve and shut it off. Additionally, shut off the cold water supply valve leading to the existing water heater.

Drain the old water heater: Connect a hose to the drain valve at the base of the old water heater. Run the other end of the hose to a drain or outside area. Open the drain valve and allow the water to empty from the tank.

Disconnect the old water heater: Once the tank is empty, disconnect the gas supply line and the water supply lines. You may need a pipe wrench to loosen and remove for more info safety call me @ 281-698-0350 Sugar Land TX , Water Heater emergency 24/7

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Prepare the installation area: Clear the area where the new water heater will be installed

Install the new water heater: Place the new water heater in the designated area. Ensure that it level using a level. Install any required seismic straps according to local codes.

Connect the gas supply line: Use a gas-rated pipe wrench to connect the gas supply line to the gas control valve on the water heater. Apply Teflon tape or pipe thread compound to the threads before making the connection.

Connect the water supply lines: Connect the water supply line to the inlet valve on the water heater. Use a wrench to tighten the connection. If necessary, install a pressure relief valve on the hot water outlet.

Vent the exhaust gases: If required by local codes, install the appropriate venting system for the water heater. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the specific venting requirements.

Check for leaks: Open the gas supply valve and check for gas leaks using a soapy water solution. Apply the solution to the gas connections and look for bubbles. If any leaks are detected, shut off the gas supply and tighten the connections.

Fill the tank and test: Open the colds water heater supply valve and allow the tank to fill. While the tank is filling, check for any water leaks at the connections. Once the tank is filled, turn on a hot water faucet to purge air from the system. Check for hot water at the faucet after the air has been purged.

Follow manufacturer instructions: Consult the specific manufacturer's instructions for any additional steps and for you safety call me free

Water Heater Repair Sugar Land TX
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